Sydney Pool Builder Success

Advertising & Marketing | SEO

The Pool Co. has been a sitecentre client for just under a year, during this time, they have seen exponential growth within their first year of business. The Sydney based pool builder launched their new website with us in April of 2021 after having another site done by another agency they were not happy with. We rebuilt it and launched a highly comprehensive data-backed SEO strategy for them beginning immediately.

Sydney is Australia’s largest population, and with that comes the hardest competition. A generic strategy just wasn’t going to work. We put together a detailed content strategy backed by keyword research based on user intent and began writing. Following the Google E-A-T strategy (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) we started building links and other off-page signals to build authority.

Since then, we have taken a startup business and grown their traffic and leads considerably, they now employ multiple staff, and are one of the largest pool construction businesses in Sydney. They are now receiving over 150 monthly leads, and climbing, they rank first for their major search terms and top 3 for nearly all others.

The Pool Co. marketing campaign has been a huge success, showing that data and proper planning and execution can take a startup business in Australia’s largest populated city and grow it to one of Sydney’s dominant companies.

  • Current Statistics – April 1, 2021, to January 31, 2022. (9 Months)
  • 567 Form Submissions
  • 600 Phone Calls
  • Organic Traffic makes up 74.05% of traffic
  • 26,917 Organic Viewers
    • April: 322
    • May: 889
    • June: 697
    • July: 943
    • August: 1,651
    • September: 2,662
    • October: 3,864
    • November: 2,975
    • December: 4,933
    • January: 8,335
  • Currently Ranking for 2,858 Keywords
    • Top 3: 164
    • 4-10: 385
    • Top 10: 548
  • Total Traffic Cost Est. (SEMrush): $4,400/pm
  • Fastest growing SEO for a pool builder in Australia (according to SEMrush)