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Honigman, one of the leading law firms in the country, developed a new site to showcase its wide-ranging credentials. In addition to visually impactful highlights and stories throughout the site, the firm profiles its approach to client service with a FOCUS animation, giving the site visitor a deep-dive perspective on the firm. The approach reinforces a brand that rests on partnership and proof of performance.

The custom attorney portraits capture the personalities of the attorneys and portray them as business-minded, likable individuals. The visuals and imagery are supplemented by a content-rich presentation, including subject-specific blogs and a fully predictive site search. The resulting site is informative, yet friendly and readily navigable.

The website has helped reinforce Honigman as one of the leading law firms in the Midwest. In terms of tangible metrics, it has led to a many-fold increase in page hits and longer page visits and accolades from clients, peers, and the community at large.


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