Crema Novi and Its Powerful Taste

Social Media | Food & Beverage

We’ve led the digital and social communication for Crema Novi (Elah Dufour Novi Group), which is very well known for its main characteristics as first quality ingredients and its tasty flavor. Moreover, the awareness and the historical importance of the brand complete the framework.

We’ve defined the personality of Crema Novi by entering the life of the target divided by people looking for quality ( Crema Novi is the only one made with 45% of nuts), people looking for an Italian product ( and Crema Novi is only made with Italian nuts), people looking for a tasty pleasure. Then, we’ve analyzed when people usually eat Crema Novi and we discover that there is a private moment common to everyone, that is eating Crema Novi directly from the jar with a spoon.

From that point, #AncheAlCucchiaio (that means ‘even with the spoon’) became the pillar of the social campaign by communicating identity, uniqueness, and the warmth of the brand.


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