Zeptejte se oveček (Ask the Lambs)

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1) Limited time to prepare the Christmas campaign

As an agency, we first received the client Ovečkárna in August and only had a few months to take over the concept of the Christmas campaign. Unfortunately, after having analysed the existing status and media mix budget, we and the creative agency had to dismiss the original concept.

Our first challenge was to figure out how to launch a completely new campaign in just a few weeks.
👉 This is why we chose simple, yet functional, campaign elements, which proved to be the right path.

2) In the past, the client didn’t have any acquisition campaign in their content network

Most of Ovečkárna’s budget went to performance campaigns. Unfortunately, these campaigns didn’t have sufficient potential to grow and there was a large possibility they wouldn’t be able to fulfil their ambitious goals.

To this end, our second challenge was to redistribute the given media mix budgets in such a way that we could create space for the acquisition campaign with high-performance potential.

3) Limited acquisition budget

Due to the acquisition budget being limited, we needed to reactive existing customers as much as possible and familiarise them with everything new. 👉 Because the Christmas Wishes written as a letter to Baby Jesus (Santa Claus) needed to come from what Ovečkárna actually offered, customers had to go through the currently offered products.

With this step, we solved the problem of not having enough time nor sufficient funds in the budget for market research so we could learn what people wanted for Christmas. In this way, we managed to complete the second phase of the campaign, which we wouldn’t have had enough time for if we chose to perform market research.

Hard KPIs
Increase in turnover compared to last year of 143%. From 57.5 mil CZK in 2020
to 82.3 mil CZK in 2021.

Soft KPIs
Activate existing customers
Acquire new customers and familiarise them with the products
Receive leads for subsequent use – remarketing and emailing

The campaign had 2 phases:

Phase 1 WRITE TO “JEŽÍŠEK” (SANTA CLAUS) (10.10. – 7.11.2021)


  • Activate existing customers and remind them that the best Christmas presents are found on Ovečkárna.
  • Acquire new customers who come to recognise the products and brand via the competition.
  • Receive data for the next phase (leads for remarketing and emailing + learn which products the customers want the most, to later be used when creating further content, e.g., blog articles).
  • The secondary goal was to receive the customers’ “True Wishes”.

FB and IG posts (storytelling) on the Ovečkárna profiles.
Remarketing to existing customers and users who already interacted with Ovečkárna. Remarketing took place on FB, Google Ads, and Seznam.com.
Emailing for existing customers.

Target group:
all existing customers (primarily 40+ women)
users who interacted with the Ovečkárna brand on social media and the website

Phase 2 ASK THE LAMBS (7.11. – 10.12.2021)


  • Convert visitors into customers by creating present lists from the data received in phase 1.
  • Create lists of the top presents from Ovečkárna based on the customers’ real wishes that we collected via the online form with the challenge “Write to Ježíšek (Santa Claus)”. 👉 This resulted in a list of tips for gifts that we then divided into groups (for grandmothers, fathers, etc.) with the challenge “Ask the Lambs”, which meant to rid users of decision paralysis regarding what they want to receive or give for Christmas and motivate them to make a purchase on Ovečkárna.
  • Acquire new customers with the users’ wish lists.

Remarketing with various segmentation and a creative targeted at users who filled out the form, were on the website, or are interested in the presents for their close ones.

Target group:
users who filled out the form
users who were on the website
users who are interested in presents for men, women, parents, friends, and more


Post-campaign – subsequent use of the data and outputs:

Dark posts on FB and IG – ads for the products the users mentioned the most in the form
Emailing – using the leads received from the form for subsequent emailing
Website – blog content creation

At the start of the campaign (October), we asked people what they wanted for Christmas. To be amongst the first but not to offer anything, that’s what was meant to set us a apart.

We chose an emotive method, to write your wishes to Ježíšek (Santa Claus), thanks to which we learned which products customers wanted from Ovečkárna.

We prompted the customers to go through the current offer and mention which products they really wanted.

The e-shop’s target group was mostly made up of 40+ women. In order to meet our goal, we needed to bring to the website and convert other target groups.

This is why we used the data from Phase 1 to create tips on gifts for various socdemo groups, such as “Gifts for men”, “Gifts for grandmothers”, etc. (example of one of the blog article: https://www.oveckarna.cz/clanek/135/nevite-co-k-vanocum-pro-prarodice-zeptejte-se-ovecek/)

For each segment, unique creatives were made with corresponding communication.

Because we strive to take part in socially responsible marketing, we also included in the winnings the opportunity for their “True Wishes” to come true, which was not a condition for filling out the form. And yet, we received 6,697 wishes, and there was even a number of them that we wanted to make happen..

Thanks to this activity, we supported the brand’s awareness as a socially responsible company.

Post-campaign – charitable overlay:

We chose 3 of the “True Wishes” to make come true, thus proving that selflessly doing something for someone else is the most important part of Christmas.

We used information from the fulfilled wishes as part of January’s social media communication to strengthen the positive relationship with the company.

First and foremost, the campaign is unique in its mission and primary goal. Its purpose wasn’t to SELL products to customers, but rather to FAMILIARISE them with the offer, HELP them to choose what they wanted, and FULFIL their wishes, whether in terms of Christmas gifts for themselves or those close to them.

Business result:

The turnover from 2021 reached 102.3 mil CZK. This was an increase of 178% when compared with 2020. The plan established at the start of the campaign was fulfilled at 124%.

Brand effects:

In Phase 1, we received 6,697 wishes from users, which we then used to create content for the website during Phase 2, i.e., Ask the Lambs.

We then topped off the campaign by making 3 of the wishes come true via a charitable overlay, which brightened Christmas for 2 families and one children’s home.

Thanks to the campaign, we pushed Ovečkárna one step further down the path towards building a love brand that cares about more than just its customers.


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