The winners of the Web Excellence Awards are selected by a group of top-tier professionals consisting of web experts, communications specialists, advertisers, creative and marketing gurus, graphic designers, and academics focused on web science, marketing, and design.

During the judging process, each participant’s entry will be assigned to several experts from various backgrounds for evaluation. The judges will be informed of the mission statement and will carefully evaluate the creativity, functionality, technical execution, innovation, implementation, strategy, and impact of the projects submitted.

If our judges feel that your entry is more appropriate for a specific category, they will move the entry to the suitable category. We are always looking to refine and update our judging categories, so if there is a category you would like to see, please email us a suggestion at info@we-awards.com.

All entries submitted to Web Excellence Awards are judged based on a standard of excellence as determined and scored on a ten-point scale by the judging committee. A category may have multiple winners or may have no winners at all. Therefore, all decisions of the judging committee will be final. To increase your opportunity to win a Web Excellence Award, you may enter your work in more than one category.

Entry fees are non-refundable, even if an application is not awarded.

All entrants will be notified by email as soon as the results have been released. At that time, Web Excellence Awards winners will be provided the opportunity to purchase memorabilia and certificates to commemorate and promote their success and honor their team.

Enter now and submit your work to be recognized as the best in the field.