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The Wolf Prize is an annual award given to leaders in the world of art, science and mathematics, recognizing the world’s finest minds and talents.

Digital communications agency, Percepto was employed to initiate and build a social media presence from nothing with a specific focus on announcements of the laureates each year.

Target – to build momentum and awareness of the announcement through social media channels, drawing attention to the live broadcast which would take place at the residence of the President of Israel as well as encouraging more engagement on all social media channels.

Strategy and implementation – Percepto created momentum by launching a countdown to the announcement across all social media platforms, tying in interesting titbits that linked to specific days – e.g. “It’s just 44 days until the announcement of the Wolf Prize – Did you know that 44 years ago, the first Wolf Prize was given in 1978? #44DaysToGo.”

During the event itself, the announcements of each of the 11 laureates was posted live on social media simultaneously across all platforms, including tags of laureates, institutions, alta maters and information about the reason they were winners.

Following the live event, Percepto created a Spotlight Series (see example) to introduce the 11 laureates in more detail with further explanation about them receiving the prize.

Results – From the beginning on the campaign, social media engagement increased astronomically across all three platforms.

On Twitter, this included 70,000 profile visitors and 1.12million tweet impressions – an increase of 690% and 180% respectively.

Facebook saw a 306% increase of visits compared to the previous year an increase in post engagements of 91% and a 295% increase in video views.

On LinkedIn, views were up by nearly 3,000%, unique users by 1,850%, and reactions by 2,720% with the key target areas of education and research users being the highest increased demographic.

In terms of followers, the numbers increased dramatically during the month following the announcement – Twitter followers went up by nearly 30%, Facebook by 6%, and on LinkedIn the amount tripled.


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