Ficmac web UX/UI for oncology industry

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Ficmac is one of the most important oncology research and diagnosis laboratories in Colombia, which for the year 2021 set the goal of giving its website a 180° turn. For this reason, they found in Tuatara Boutique Agency the strategic ally to optimize, design and develop the main custom-made digital asset.

During this process, a robust web page was created that integrates a large volume of technical information and reveals years of research in different cancer pathologies. But most importantly, in a dynamic way it is possible to explain complex oncological studies and analyzes that allow to understand the complexity of the disease.

The Ficmac website has two ways to experience the same content, according to its target audience: doctors and patients. Likewise, through the look and feel of the website, the empathy and humanity of the brand remind, since for them it is essential to transmit a voice of hope to all the people and families who have lived with cancer.


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