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Founded in 2018, Thursday, the UK’s hottest dating app, is solving problems created by people spending too much time on dating apps. The app is only live once a week, making Thursday THE day for dating and meeting up in person. But the day for singles hasn’t been better since Thursday matched with Fortnight Studio. We completely refreshed the UX and UI of their mobile app with a new playful, mischievous and provocative design forming from their brand development.

The Thursday app has an impressive history already, but it was originally a minimum viable product (MVP) that had exploded onto the scene. We were tasked with taking that to the next level with an innovative design, as well as creating structure with a design system. The user experience was optimised to improve the different journeys, and animated transitions smoothed the different screens and flows.

The inclusion of new colours, an ecosystem of aphrodisiac characters and retro button styles allows the design to reflect Thursday’s playful and cheeky personality. This has resulted in a better connection with their target audience, and Thursday has reported an increase of app downloads of 50% compared to the previous month.

The brand is now mature, consistent and in a position to own the dating industry, playing by its own rules and proudly showing the enhanced identity and UX/UI.


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Thursday The Day For Dating
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