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SiteTuners conducted a Diagnostic Audit of Coastal Insurance Solution’s landing pages. We identified design and usability problems on their mission-critical pages and recommended fixes and improvements to address conversion issues and capture quick wins. Based on SiteTuners’ recommendations, Coastal Insurance Solution changed their landing page and ran an A/B test against the original. The new version that incorporated SiteTuners’ proposed changes resulted in a 78.5% increase in conversions and also lowered the cost per acquisition. Increased conversions for Coastal Insurance Solution meant that the landing page must be trustworthy and persuasive enough for visitors to want to get a quote and complete the form. To achieve this, SiteTuners helped Coastal Insurance Solution implement the redesign process which followed these steps: Fix readability – improved the pages for legibility and to support online users’ scanning behavior. Content was also rearranged based on which information is most important to visitors in their decision to convert. Clear value proposition – Coastal Insurance Solution’s original page was missing this element, which meant they missed the opportunity to communicate to visitors the value of the offer. This was addressed with the inclusion of a sub-headline and bullet points which succinctly conveyed to visitors what action was expected of them and what they would get in return Improved Consistency – The original landing page was sorely lacking in consistency with its multitude of fonts, misaligned elements, and unorganized images. This was fixed through the use of fewer font types and more uniform images. We also suggested the proper alignment of header elements as well as moving the phone number to the far right, based on web design conventions. Better form experience – Users must perceive a form to be as easy and effortless as possible to encourage them to complete the form. This was fixed by breaking up the long form into a 2-step form to make it appear less intimidating. We also suggested the inclusion of a short introductory text that explained what the form was asking to set visitor expectations.



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