AM/FM 2020 Xmas Dumpster Fire Channel

Advertising & Marketing - Viral

There was no better way to describe 2020 than dumpster fire. So, we decided the best way to say goodbye to 2020? A full-on flaming holiday dumpster fire channel. Set to some soothing Christmas music, we ceremonially burned the infamous symbols of 2020: hoarded toilet paper rolls, overused face masks, cancelled concert tickets, failed sourdough starters, unused travel luggage, and a bunch of other stuff that will always remind us of 2020.

And people loved it.

100+ articles and stories in the media
5,000+ tweets on Twitter
23,000+ watch hours on YouTube
200,000+ views on YouTube
1,000,000+ impressions across the media and social media
1 like from Ryan Reynolds

And the world, from Canada to the US to Europe, appreciated it.


Notable Mentions

The Nerdist: 648K followers on Instagram

New York Daily News: 799K followers on Twitter

Laughing Squid: 523K followers on Twitter

Mashable: 9.6M followers on Twitter



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