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Such heroes are rare.

Almost 50% of rare diseases occur in childhood. We launched the Nadir-X comics to closely witness the lives of children with rare diseases and raise the awareness of the public.

We also launched in cooperation with KİFDER, SİSTİNDER and DMD Turkey to provide a reliable information source on rare diseases to the public with this campaign.

In addition to informing children about rare diseases, we wanted them to draw their imaginary Nadir-X characters and send them to us through our website.

We announced that the favorite character will be included in the Nadir-X-2 book and children with the favorite 5 character drawings will be able to join the online comics workshop of Erhan Candan, the illustrator of Nadir-X book.

We simultaneously activated our social media channels and raised awareness about rare diseases as well as providing traffic for with routings to our website.

As Nadir-X comics have become available in all bookstores, we reached our voice to the whole of Turkey by holding a press promotion with great interest.

What are the results?

We have become one of most visited rare disease platforms with 10.000 single visitor in 12 months. 12 Months 10K Unique Visitors

We provided an accurate information source to the society by rising to the first page in Google with 24 keywords.

We arranged routings to online bookstores through our website to support the sales of Nadir-X comics as a portion of its revenue will be donated to associations we cooperate with.

Children have been sending us their imaginary Nadir-X heroes for our contest started in March. The Nadir-X awareness journey goes on without slowing down.


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