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SKIN is an online community that connects users with the people and products they love. The iOS and Android app features a personal inventory of products or ‘shelf’ with which users can interact to showcase their most used skincare products. As well as sophisticated social networking protocols that allow users to interact with other passionate members of the beauty community, follow influencers and share new products with their friends. We built and delivered several features to improve the user offering of the application including a price comparison tool, allowing for users access to the best price for the skincare products their after, as well as an opportunity for brands to offer specific deals to SKIN users. We included a dynamic search tool that helps users not only find products but also influencers and friends on the platform.

We also thought it was prudent to provide an easy way for users to catalogue their own products currently in their collection, to do this, we implemented a barcode scanner, linked to a product database for quick access to thousands of skincare products. In cataloguing products effectively, we were also able to ensure that users to could search for products based on included and excluded ingredients, meaning suggested products, lists and guides were tailored to those appropriate for the user’s skin type and requirements, be them sensitive, dry or vegan and cruelty-free.

The app has featured in a number of major publications including OK Magazine


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