IKKS IT Bag 1440

Website | Fashion

For the launching of its IT Bag 1440, IKKS has wanted an innovative digital concept, which strikes the mind and arouses emotion.

We came up with a concept that uses the geek and nerdy codes of pop culture.

With an ultra interactive and playful campaign, users are invited to participate and have their say in an experience where they lose their bearings as they see their world transform before them.

The whole site is branded with the campaign’s colors. Disruptive elements appear all along with the navigation, immersive and responsive landing pages introduce the world of the 1440 bag. Each of these pages focuses on a precise theme and develops with the campaign.

Each phase of the campaign is gamified to make it interactive and engaging to users. The suspense was kept up from the teasing phase to the reveal of the new range by solving riddles and guessing patterns.


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