Cognizant Softvision’s Programmers’ Week Goes BEYOND

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The 7th annual Cognizant Softvision Programmers’ Week was a six-day event for developers and software engineers from around the world. The 2021 event featured internal and external discussions and courses organized by one technology per day, centered on professional development, training, industry knowledge and various trending technologies, giving attendees invaluable knowledge and ideas for future innovation. At the heart of the event was a robust and stylized website, which offered up information on compelling tech talks, keynotes and speakers, while also showcasing the Cognizant Softvision brand and its unique expertise and thought leadership related to software product development. In addition to registering thousands of attendees, the website has become a hub and home for all the content and sessions emanating from Programmers’ Week.

A few numbers help tell the story:

21,000 new visitors to the website;
11,000 event registrants;
172 tech talks;
39 tech and community partners;
More than 204 hours of streaming content.

Programmers’ Week 6-day virtual event and website are real-world examples of how Cognizant Softvision fulfilled its mission to Go Beyond.


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