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Our client at Aqua Touch Premier Pool & Spa Systems & Management came to us with a challenging task as part of a comprehensive brand development campaign involving new color palettes, brand voice and a logo evolution to advance the brand overall. He wanted his new website to go beyond highlighting his pool maintenance service to promoting a chlorine-free lifestyle by educating site visitors on the dangers of pool chemicals. The son of a physician, his primary business objective was selling and installing scientifically superior, healthier, safer chlorine-free water sanitization systems.

The site at educates customers and prospects on the environmental and health hazards of pool chemicals and explains the four-stage chlorine-free sanitization process—in straightforward language and powerful graphics leveraging the palette in the logo we designed. Parallax effects create motion and visual interest. Curving silhouettes and shades of blue add a water-inspired element to every page. Our client is extremely proud of the new site and highly positive on the revenue it is generating.


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