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After collaborating with them to develop their highly advanced aviation portal for plane owners, Gama Aviation approached Lightflows to transform their main corporate website into an industry-leading international aviation business platform.

Founded in 1983, Gama Aviation is a global aviation business operating in the UK, US, Middle East and the Far East. Their strategic business unit focuses on complex, multi-disciplined aviation requirements, including Air Ambulance, National Security Law & Enforcement, Infrastructure & Survey and Offshore & Energy.

Our priority was to clarify their main business segments through an easy-to-navigate menu so the individual, corporation or government agency seeking a bespoke aviation solution can easily find their required services. What’s more, because their comprehensive charter fleet is ideal for any charter mission such as business trips, holiday flights and band tours, it was even more important to highlight the flexibility of their services.

Because Gama Aviation supports international customers, we also considered serving the site in local languages. Therefore, during the coding process, our technical team enabled language translation in Spanish, Chinese and Arabic, among other languages, to cater to the needs of their customers.

The new Gama Aviation website marks new heights for the Gama Aviation team as they continue to expand globally, making for an all-around successful project.


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