Programmers’ Week 2020: Dare To Code

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In March, as a global pandemic took over our lives, nearly the entire world was ordered to Shelter in Place. As a result, every major conference, convention, business meeting, seminar, symposium and workplace get together had one of two options: Either cancel / reschedule the event, or find a way to conduct the event in a virtual environment.

For the past five years, Cognizant Softvision has celebrated Programmers’ Week. It began modestly six years ago as a one-day event in Romania. This original event featured hands-on technology training and an opportunity to recognize our global programmers and the innovation and development they bring to clients and the world. A few short years later, and the day had turned into a week-long affair, a global celebration highlighted by keynote speakers, tech talks detailing the latest developments, along with branding, parties and SWAG.

But 2020 and COVID-19 threatened to put an end to Programmers’ Week, until innovation and Facebook Workplace came to save the day. Cognizant Softvision opted to move full steam ahead with its largest technical event of the year, turning the usual in-person gathering into a completely virtual showcase… all thanks to Facebook Workplace.

Programmers’ Week By The Numbers

Rather than scale back activities or cancel the event, Cognizant Softvision expanded its reach and offering, making its 6th annual Programmers’ Week open to not just its 3,500+ internal employees, but also to clients and partners alike.

The result? The largest, most successful Programmers’ Week held yet as evidenced by the numbers:

●      Five full days of programming (September 14th – 18th)
●      More than 100 speakers
●      85 tech talks across five regions (India, Romania, Canada, US and Argentina), all live streamed via Workplace
●      2150 live stream attendees
●      More than 3000 people tuned in to watch the recordings
●      During the course of Programmers’ Week, Cognizant Softvision had 475 Workplace Posts and 3100 reactions
●      More than 320 posts in our social media and 1.5 million impressions.


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