Zephyr Epic: Unboxing a friendly online shopping experience

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About Zephyr Epic
Zephyr Epic provides the nation with an accessible online collectable card shopping experience. They provide a place for collectors of all ages to be part of something epic. Their brick-and-mortar shop features Zephyr‘s latest releases and tables for immediate unboxing. You can also purchase cards through their online store.

The Challenge
Zephyr Epic struggled with a vast customer base featuring different groups of card collectors. These people don’t follow the same social accounts or hang out in the same places online. So, Zephyr Epic needed a strategy to reach everyone in their audience and improve their return-on-ad-spend through an integrated digital marketing strategy. The goal was to drive revenue and brand awareness while reaching as many specific audience groups as possible.

The Solution
Through our thorough process, Zephyr‘s new site has an intuitive flow, resulting in a greater user experience. The focus is now solidly on the diverse communities and serious collectors that frequent Zephyr’s site, making everyone feel welcome. The backend has greater administrator capabilities, providing better user tracking.

Based on the flywheel model, we developed an impactful strategy using both paid ads, social channels and valuable content. This included optimizing high-performing campaigns to get a higher return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) and increasing the customer’s lifetime value (LTV). Brand loyalty also increased by focusing on their community engagement.

The Results
A new, intuitive website coupled with efficient marketing campaigns created epic gains for Zephyr. You can see the numbers here:

4.39 million impressions in 6 months
3.4% average click-through rate (CTR)
20.8 average position in search results pages

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