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Background of Mapletree Media

For more than 15 years, Mapletree Media has been marrying digital technologies with content to produce cutting edge digital assets for over 1000 clients across various verticals in the South East Asian markets.

We are also media owners of the largest beauty media platform in Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines, under the umbrella of the Beauty Insider Brand.

Our site aims to provide digital strategies, where our values focus on trust, building reputations & relationships.

Our Customer

Our customers are typically marketing managers and owners of businesses. They are busy individuals who need to find a trusted partner with a strong record and is transparent in the work it does. All this must be seen at one glance from the website.

We believe that our site marries all these core values both in the form of styling and substance.

Design Rationale

Anchoring the design of the site are the main colours of the Mapletree Media branding. The use of styled and bold images are suggested to maintain a lively and hip feel. We also made effective use of parallax banners (sliding/animated) to complement the site’s modern and sleek theme that aims to exude a minimal and direct-to-point UX.

Here are some pages that showcase this:

The use of bold modern sans serif typeface subscribes to the serious and authoritative look, the brand aims for. Using the same regular sans serif typeface (body text) completes the look and provides contrast, too.

Mapletree Media’s brand colours subscribe to a modern aesthetic feel that is both serious but approachable. Complementing them are purples/pinks that are used wisely in secondary copies/text.

Content/Functionality/UX/Structure & Navigation

At all times we have kept the user in mind – The menu drop downs offer the user various options on their search – example search by industry type, portfolio, or by services type.

On arriving on a service page example :

Users are educated,offered tips on that service. We have subtly weaved in our services, track record, portfolio, ‘Why us’ section and clear CTA’s lead the user to contact us.

All the content on each landing page is SEO optimized to increase organic traffic. We also target high search volume keywords in our blog section to drive relevant organic traffic to the website.

We have used fonts, banners, bold colours and presented our track record clearly, under respective pages such as Our work, Our Portfolio etc to guide the user across all our assets.

With a sticky menu and CTA on the top left hand corner, the user is constantly able to reach out to us at any time.

Under each page, we have offered recommendations for complimentary services to ensure our page view, bounce rates keep improving.


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