Adtrak & Delawonder – Choose Your Delaware Adventure

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We provided a range of services for the client. When they came to us, they didn’t have a name, so we helped to devise one as part of the branding package – Delaware is known as the ‘small wonder’, so we built upon this for the name of the brand. As it’s known as ‘the diamond state’, we used a diamond for the logo to tie the site to the community.

We designed a unique site that was created to look like a visitors’ guide, as opposed to a conversion-driven site, using video and large images to engage users and showcase the beauty of Southern Delaware. As per the client’s aims, the site included a robust mapping feature to highlight key areas of interest in the region.

We utilised a multi-phase launch for the site; this allows us to monitor user feedback and adjust things accordingly, as well as provide timely updates where necessary. The mapping feature we incorporated was designed to be flexible so that it can be amended with new accommodation, amenities and activities for visitors.

Usually, we’d showcase the improvements in leads, conversions and cost-per-click here. However, as this isn’t a lead-driven site, its success lies in how it helps the community. The site will be supported by local billboards and a partnership with Delaware Wildlands, which will help us add more features across the next two phases.

This was a unique opportunity for us; we’ve loved building it and we can’t wait for the ongoing growth and development of the site and the wider Delawonder project.


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