Area X.O Website Redesign by seoplus+

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In 2020, we supported the rebrand of Invest Ottawa’s L5 test facility to Area X.O. The new name and branding would better position Area X.O as a futureplex of innovation and collaboration. This state-of-the-art facility offers a safe and secure environment to create, test, and demonstrate future mobility, autonomy and connected technologies.

In collaboration with Accenture, who developed the brand strategy, and Racine, who developed the brand identity, seoplus+ developed and deployed a world-class website for this Invest Ottawa facility.

Within the design, we needed to convey brand attributes such as courage and bravery of boldly charging new territory in autonomy and safety, and a strong curiosity in the passionate pursuit of R&D and innovation. There was also a request for an air of mystique, evoking Area 51, and an X-Files “feel.”

We are so proud of the final product, with a sleek design, bold accent colours, and eye-catching angles.

The functionality is also elevated, with accessible design, multilingual content, and innovative filtering on the Success Stories page.

The website is client-focused, with an interactive, dynamic, and action-oriented interface.

We believe this is a winning design because it exceeded all the client requirements and effectively evokes the new brand’s position as a global leading-edge test and validation facility.


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