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As part of pSolv’s effort to drive their user engagement through a clean and simplified interface, Divami Design Labs was in charge of the design of its flagship product application- Needletail.

Needletail is a single data integration platform that dives into the hidden insights of the data lake with real-time analytics.

Divami was in charge of designing an interactive and easy-to-navigate dashboard, considering the different personas who will access it from a data architecture perspective.

To begin with, the design team dedicated hours to understand the intricacies of the application and the different KPIs that needed to be featured in the dashboard. We also took time to understand the individual to-do lists, alerts they need, and other functionality depending upon each user’s accessibility.

Additionally, the Divami team came up with the UI that allowed maximum team collaboration depending upon the accessibility level, without compromising on the security of the platform. For a new user, the project workflow was made simple. Meaning that adding pipelines, endpoints sources, and sinks needed to be seamless and easily accessible.

As reading data points can be tedious to the eye, we suggested a light blue color for the dashboard. The application is already live and the pSolv team confirms that the user engagement level is up by 40% proving the success of the design overhaul efforts.