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Mike’s Carpet Discounter is a Melbourne based flooring and window covering distributor and installation provider. Our journey with Mike’s started in 2011, where they signed up for one of our basic packages that allocated 16 keywords to be optimised on all facets of their digital presence. With the growth and revenue that was an outcome of collaboration within our team and with the client, Mike’s has signed up for 200 keywords since last year and has a dedicated team of professionals working on their vast project, each and every day of the week.

• 110.28% Organic traffic increased annually.
• 134.48% Organic leads increased monthly.
• Currently 70-80 leads per month
• 90 Keywords ranking on 1st page
• 180 Phone calls from Google My Business
• 780 Phone calls from Google Ads Campaign
• 1072 Conversions from Google Ads Campaign
from 1st March 2021 to 1st October 2021

Based on recent upgrades in the plan of action and package, we forecast the following for our clients:

• 150-200% Organic traffic increased annually.
• 200% Organic leads increased monthly with 150 – 200 leads per month

These numbers are based on our current achievements. We would be happy to provide reports that highlight the numbers mentioned in the two places above.


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