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Our client, USA-based Digital Storm approached Zyber requesting a custom website for their affordable, pre-built gaming computers called Redux. Our team of designers and developers took the capabilities of Shopify Plus to the next level.

Redux wanted a website that allowed this customer to build the gaming PC that met all of their needs, within budget and made the entire process uncomplicated and fast. The goal was to equip the customer with the right amount of product choice and customisation to build a great product, without overwhelming them with complicated decisions and unnecessary information.

When designing and building the Redux website, there was a huge focus on ease of use and ensuring every step of the customer journey was seamless, guided by custom visual aids to clearly communicate the computer specifications and cost.

The Redux website on Shopify Plus provides the customer with a game-like experience on both mobile and desktop. Throughout their online journey, there are visuals and custom animations designed by our team to enhance UX and initiate their game experience with the brand from the first visit to the website.

Additionally, the website is unique in that the customer doesn’t see or have the option to purchase products from a standard product page or ‘Collection’. All of the products in the back end of the Redux site are customised and are determined by the choices made by the customer to build the computer that suits their needs.

The results for Redux have been phenomenal, they saw hundreds of thousands of visitors to the site in the first week and $11M USD in 6 months. This is a project our team is unbelievably proud of.


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