Zeal Technology Website Redesign and Development

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To help Zeal stand out against their competitors we wanted to take a solution-focused approach to the design of the site. Zeal’s software is very easy to use and allows users to quickly find the information that they need to complete their tasks. We applied the same approach to their website, allowing users to easily navigate to the information that they are looking for.

Visually we wanted the site to support this message so the colors shown on the site are solution-based and highlight the ways that Zeal can solve a user’s challenge. We really pushed the element of using black and white and incorporating a multi-colored site to help users navigate easily to their specific use case or need with the use of color to represent a path for each user. We were very thoughtful about the palette to make it not muted or overwhelming, but rather a visual guide for each user to identify with.

The imagery used throughout the site was intended to make users feel that they are welcomed and chose casual and friendly imagery that was inviting. We created consistency with our templates so that users can easily find information as well as various ways to contact Zeal if they want help or have questions.

We organized sections with a large amount of content in a simplified and clean format that doesn’t overwhelm the potential user but instead gives users small amounts of information at a time, similar to how Zeal’s software works, providing users with the right information at the right time in their moment of need.


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