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Signature Staff has a rich history successfully placing members of household staff with families based in the UK or overseas. Kitty were onboarded to lead them through the consolidation and rebrand of their four companies; O&P Nannies, Nannyworld, Maternity Solutions and Domestic Solutions, and their move to become a digital-first business.

The challenge was as follows: build out a new name, brand story, logo, fonts, photography, and a new website for the client, to solidify its place as the top premium recruiter for household staff.

Differentiated from its competitors through its premium design, Signature Staff brings a touch of class in terms of its messaging and design. The website has a clear and distinct aesthetic which amplifies the high-quality services that Signature Staff sell through their website.

Choosing WordPress as the most effective CMS, Kitty built a fully optimised and easy-to-navigate website. To cater for Signature Staff’s two very distinct audiences, families looking for staff, and staff looking for employment, we built high functioning and high spec filters to give both prospective candidates and families the ability to filter through a live feed of available job roles and staff.

The new branding and its application on the newly built site has created a strong foundation for the business to grow online in a way that was not previously possible, demonstrated in the impressive results:

+215% uplift in website traffic to the site: 12,814 sessions (June to August 2020) to 40,357 (September to November 2020)

+183% uplift in visitors to the site: From 6,278 users (June to August 2020) to 17,771 users (September to November 2020). Achieved through a seamless migration of the four historical sites into one, and through the technical team’s efforts to design a seamless user journey.

James Pawle, Managing Director, Signature Staff, explains; “Our business delivers a very personal experience to the families in which we place our staff. As signatures are unique to the individual, it seemed fitting that this was the new name for the company. Working alongside Kitty to revive and modernise both the design and functionality of our website will help us to stay at the forefront of the sector to deliver a premium service to our clients.”



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