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University of Louisville

Helping one of the largest state universities in Kentucky share access to positive leadership training.

The Story

The University of Louisville’s College of Business offers positive leadership courses to its graduate students. They wanted to create a way to teach positive leadership while allowing users to work on their skills in an everyday and practical way. A mobile app could provide such a solution; but in order to be sustainable, it would need to be simple, easy to use, meaningful, and fun.

Taking Aim

Here at Slingshot, we know all about making solutions fun. We worked with UofL to come up with engaging features, making the app feel more like a game and less like homework. We also wanted to ensure the integrity of true meaningful leadership development was maintained.


  • Conduct research to uncover the needs of students and leaders.
  • Create an iOS and Android mobile app to make leadership development accessible.
  • Gamify the app to make activities fun and engaging.
  • Connect community leaders to solicit feedback and encouragement.
  • Integrate with the user’s calendar to map exercises to events.

Hitting The Target

Students and leaders now have access to positive leadership training from anywhere, right in the palm of their hand. This iOS and Android app allows for simple and fun learning, and a connected community within the app allows leaders to share and engage with others. With the app, UofL will be able to innovate the way students learn and share their knowledge with the world.

“Slingshot took our idea of creating an intuitive but fun mobile app and gave us so much more. I can’t imagine working with anyone else; they embody the engaging spirit we wanted our app to have. They took what leaders, students, and teachers wanted and combined all of it into the design. We can’t thank them enough for their help.”

Ryan Quinn,
PhD Associate Professor, Management


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University of Louisville’s Positive Leadership App