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Speaker, entrepreneur and community leader, Issa Musharbash came to our team with the hope of capturing his life’s story in book form and developing a brand and website that thousands of immigrants could identify with.

When Mr. Musharbash shared his journey with our team, it became very apparent the book title needed to be those same 5 words that haunted him in his adolescent years… “Go Back To Your Country!”

While those 5 words typically emote a deep sense of anger, we wanted to balance that emotion with the true message of the book through strategic website design and book branding. Our goal was for website visitors and book readers alike to feel the uplifting message that nothing is impossible.

The design along with the book’s subtitle (Or Stay & Defy All Odds) balances those two conflicting emotions perfectly and leaves the reader thirsting to know how this story ends.


> gobacktoyourcountry.com

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