Blinkist by TATAM – Social & Influencer App Campaign 2020

Social Media | Influencer Marketing


At TATAM we are proud growth partners of apps like Blinkist, helping them acquire users and subscribers via a traditionally non-performance channel: Influencers.

Blinkist, our client

  • They had massive growth already and were already successfully doing “the usual” app growth: ASO, Search, Display, Video ads, Incentivized downloads, etc
  • They needed growth opportunities beyond the usual playbook, to innovate and fuel growth where competitors were not present.
  • So they partnered with TATAM to allocate performance budget for us to run a 12 months influencer program. Influencers had always been a struggle for them due to the lack of a performance approach in the industry.

TATAM came to solve and unlock growth via Influencers, measuring and optimizing using the same logic and KPIs as the rest of their marketing efforts, which allows them to understand and compare performance viewing it as any other UA campaign on their marketing mix.

Evidence of Excelence

  • 350 YouTube videos sponsored in 2020.
  • 100+ M video views.
  • Conversion rate and CAC comparable with traditional performance channels.
  • 50% tracked ROI.

Facts About TATAM:

  • 333% growth YoY company growth.
  • +1600 collaborations with +1200 influencers in 2020.
  • Average of 5 videos published every day for our clients.
  • +220M video views sponsored in 2020.



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