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Slingshot, a software and mobile app development company based in Louisville, KY, is thrilled to announce the launch of their recent project: Dr. Dictate. The idea behind Dr. Dictate started with an orthopedic surgeon who was tired of spending hours a week filling out surgery notes, and a start-up veteran who saw an opportunity to help. They partnered with Slingshot’s latest expansion: Slingshot Ventures – their new innovation and startup arm.

A study by the University of Wisconsin found that physicians spend over six hours each workday on data entry. The study also found that physicians are taking this work home: they’re spending an average two hours of their personal time every day on clerical work. The United States National Library of Medicine concluded that around 29% of all dictations contain errors. With this extensive workload, delays happen regularly. These delays have a cascading effect; late claim submission leads to late revenue.

Dr. Dictate will help eliminate these inefficiencies and delays. The Android and iOS app will utilize voice activation technology to enable surgeons to dictate as the procedure is happening, all while remaining sterile. This will help physicians both save time and limit errors. Dr. Dictate will also provide a fully integrated transcription service, meaning that once the recording is approved, it will be sent securely for transcription. And since it’s a mobile app, doctors will be able to use their own device, cutting back on additional equipment and maintenance fees.

“At Slingshot and Slingshot Ventures, we are incredibly passionate about helping businesses and people thrive through technology. We expect Dr. Dictate to do just that,” said Slingshot’s CEO David Galownia. “Our new partnership will help doctors give the best care to their patients.”


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