Creating Smart Venues – Cashless, Contactless, Queueless

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ZIG provides a lineup-free ticket purchase and entry without manual QR code scanning of tickets. Visitors can pay for tickets, food, parking retail purchases or rides, with the phone in their pocket.

In a post-pandemic world, ZIG provides a cashless, queue-less, and contactless ticketing platform where people can pay for, and checkout venue tickets, parking, or retail purchases with no-lineup, no-checkout for the attractions industry – sports, entertainment and event venues, museums, amusement parks. Just Walk-in and Walk-out with the phone in your pocket.

ZIG is a pioneer in Edge Computing solutions for queueless ticketing to be launched even before the pandemic in 2019. This Internet of Things-based solution addresses the labor shortage currently in the market by eliminating manual work involved in ticketing and entry authentication of visitors.

In addition to ticketing, ZIG provides live occupancy rates inside venues, and emergency alert capability, all using sensor technology. People can view the crowd levels at the venue in real-time. ZIG provides virtual queueing capability where visitors can enter a queue from their home, without having to stand in line. The sensors track the movement of the queue at the venue and notify visitors once it nears their time slot.

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