The aesthetic in Krumiro social media

Social Media | Food & Beverage

We’ve led the repositioning of Bistefani brand in the social sphere.

The main character has been Krumiro, that is not only a tasty classic cookie for breakfast or a simple ingredient for making a dessert. Krumiro is a real example of mini pastries, it is a ‘gourmet’ Experience.

The visual aspect is dominant in the Bistefani social networks and recalls the art world. Indeed, in the social posts the explosion of taste is given by geometric patterns and combinations of shapes.

The tone of voice is minimalist and sophisticated, and it contributes to create an all-encompassing experience around Krumiro.

The main goal was to communicate Krumiro peculiarities to a larger target with precise characteristics, such as young people and food lovers. Moreover, we focused on increasing the engagement along with the brand’s perception


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