The Original Bach Flower on social media

Social Media | Health & Wellness

Schwabe Pharma Italia Group commissioned us to lead the social media strategy for the flagship product Original Bach Flower.

The Original Bach Flower is made of two main groups: one – Rescue Remedy- is characterized by a mix of 5 Bach Flowers that intervene in a stressful situation; the other one – Original Bach Flowers – is made of 38 Bach Flowers divided into 7 emotional groups which cast out negative emotions.

That product doubleness was communicated both through Instagram and Facebook posts, because they are different and complementary at the same time and both are very important for the brand storytelling.

Rescue Remedy contents are characterized by a younger tone of voice, a visual that refers to the easiness and the speed of the solution offered. The communication of Bach Flower, instead, is more focused on brand awareness and distinguishes itself by being more refined and elegant.

Community management plays an important role in the social media brand. The fan page has become a new platform where people share their experiences and ask for advice.


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