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Our Results This Year:

Total Keywords 571 – 2789, 388.44% increase
Page 1 Keywords 29 – 377, 1200% increase
Organic Traffic 3,342 – 206,705 6,085.07% increase

Winston Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency providing SEO, PPC, and Web Design services for clients across a multitude of verticals, with a focus in Local, Travel, and eCommerce. We have been working with the Project Sunscreen team since XX, and they came to us with the goal of improving their overall web presence in order to execute the best launch of their new sunscreen product line. Rachel Henderson, owner and CEO of Project Sunscreen, is a skin cancer survivor on a mission of ensuring that children all across the U.S. wear sunscreen to protect themselves every single day.

The Winston Digital team partnered closely with Project Sunscreen to work towards their mission of ensuring that children all across the U.S. wear sunscreen on a daily basis. In order to assist in this strategy, we decided to create a valuable resource providing the daily UV index to parents who are concerned about their children’s health. Our hope is that this resource encourages parents to teach their children about the importance of sunscreen, and how the Project Sunscreen line of products can make the process easy and fun. This resource has helped to garner a significant amount of organic traffic and sales to the website, allowing the team to reach their overall business goals and KPIs.

The strategy utilized best practices in on-page SEO optimizations, site architecture recommendations, content creation, and web design. Our team helped to build out this new page on the site, ensure it was placed in a strategic place within the main navigation and was full optimized for search queries that users are searching for.


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