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This page features our must-see infographic of the Local Landing Page Template, available for free here.

Wiideman Consulting Group conducted a study of over 300 top-ranking multi-location brands. From that revealing data, we have created a comprehensive visual guide and informational landing page to walk brands through the essentials of How to Design Location Pages for SEO.

You’ll review helpful diagrams and see relevant examples of local page designs that rank.

Why Our Local SEO Guide Matters

– Creating strong online visibility, especially for “near me” and location-specific searches performed by users in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo is critical for locations (especially brick and mortar) looking to compete with online giants like

– Leveraging Google Maps to increase visibility and drive traffic to one’s location has never been more important.

– Growing visibility by optimizing web content, promoting services, and making an effort to be included in local directories and essential industry directories must become routine best practices for local campaigns.

Reasons To Believe

– Wiideman recently helped a popular multi-location restaurant chain increase mobile sales by over $2m per month by optimizing the mobile user experience.

– Consumer behavior has been changed by the global pandemic. Re-aligning local SEO efforts with that new behavior is helping businesses rebound by, for example, emphasizing take out or delivery services, improving order processes, providing assistance and easing nerves. All of these focal points can be promoted via strongly optimized local landing pages.


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