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TrainSplit is a ground-breaking rail ticketing service dedicated to saving passengers money by providing an automated search of split-ticket options. Via this service, consumers are able to save up to 65%. In their own words: ‘TrainSplit had a poor mobile penetration because the original website was written essentially as a hobby, without thought to proper design principles or to mobile responsiveness. As a result, it doesn’t work well on mobile devices.’ The app enables smartphone users to discover, use (and like) the company’s money-saving tools.

It is estimated that the app has saved ~£3m for its users since its initial launch in 2017.

1/3 users now book through the app rather than the website.

The app converted at up to 9.91% better than the website last year.

The app averages a store rating of 4.2 on Android and 4.6 on iOS. The development of this app was heavily led by material design and our process carefully considered accessibility. Working closely with TrainSplit, we have built a robust and speedy app that exceeded user expectations throughout development, testing and since release. We now working closely with TrainSplit to continue refining and improving the iOS and Android apps, as well as adding new functionality.

The primary design challenge was to display the many journey options that could be returned in a friendly and usable way. From a development point of view, we needed to ensure the app could speedily engage with TrainSplit’s large and complex database. It had to navigate quickly through their constantly updated database to find the best deals for consumers.

The app was rigorously tested to meet all the standards required to be fully accredited by National Rail and The Rail Delivery Group.


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