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Beauty Insider has become a household brand for ladies who want to DISCOVER, SHOP and REWARD for all things related to Beauty across the south east asian region, particularly in Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines.

We are a beauty content aggregator, appointment booking service provider for beauty services, a rewards platform and marketplace, all in one.

The site has gone through several revamps to cater to ever changing and evolving demand especially in e-commerce, over the years. This project has also seen the support by the Enterprise Grant Singapore, a government agency in 2020 in the form of funding, when we launched our marketplace this year.

Design Rationale

The whole feel of the design took off from the colors and aura found in the Brand ID.

The use of light pinks complemented by vibrant reds and bright pinks. The contemporary and clean typeface (Optima) used, complements the opulence the logo exudes. Banners and CTA are placed strategically throughout the scroll.

The use of a modern sans serif typeface (Optima) suggests a classy and young feel the brand aims for. The use of the same regular sans serif typeface (body text) complements the overall look that is easy on the eyes of the visitor.

Beauty Insider’s brand colors shouts beauty and class at the same time. Complementing them are baby pinks that are used wisely to provide accent to, small copy and secondary text.

Content/Functionality/UX/Structure & Navigation

User experience and navigation are made seamless, allowing the reader to click through from categories of their choice to reading articles, watching videos, and finding out more information on where to obtain products/services. For example, a user who has searched for “Best toner for combination skin” in google page 1→ clicks through to article in ( ) → reads article, see promotions, links to other relevant sites to purchase → clicks on Insider Mall → purchases product

Beauty Insider also allows users to read and watch other people’s written reviews or video testimonials, leave reviews for products and services, and also have a choice to participate in campaigns to try products and services themselves. As seen in the following examples:

Users can also interact with the site and be rewarded with points that are redeemable in their next beauty purchase on the site. They can sign up for a free account on the site as well. Here is how it works:

Beauty Insider also produces different articles across various categories such as makeup, skincare, spa, salons and more. In order to explore further SEO possibilities to improve organic traffic on the website, we leverage SEO content gaps tactics. We also track, follow, and cover the latest beauty trends in the world.

Insider Mall

Now with the new addition of a marketplace within the Beauty Insider framework ( ) , this makes Beauty Insider an integrated beauty magazine & marketplace, allowing beauty brands to promote, sell and retarget to over 100,000+ beauty conscious consumers per month all through one platform. They are able to sell products via their own dedicated E-stores with full control from seller dashboard.

From a User point of view, Insider Mall provides them with information and immediate access to purchase the product they are looking for. From the landing page, a user is able to view clear banners, and subsections based on their interests, curated products based on search algorithms. The site also offers a seamless user experience complete with push notifications in both desktop and web-based app on mobile.


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