Website Design & Build for Reliant Home Funding

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Reliant Home Funding is a family-run mortgage lender based out of New York. They also serve clients nationwide. At WISE Digital Partners, our goal was to translate their warm, friendly approach to mortgage lending into the look and feel of their new website.

We chose a clean and modern design and then incorporated diverse lifestyle imagery. The goal was to illustrate the company’s values as a robust and family-run business that helps guide homebuyers through the loan process. In addition, simplicity was a key focus for our design approach to minimize the stress of applying for a mortgage loan.

The idea of simplicity also extended to the intuitive tools that we funneled seamlessly into lead forms. We focused on both making the tools easy for people to navigate and helping Reliant Home Funding’s team save time on their end.

With numerous outstanding reviews, it was obvious Reliant Home Funding’s customers loved their experience with the company. So we prominently spotlighted reviews throughout the website. Additionally, we built in ample resources to help position Reliant Home Funding as a leader in their industry.

Our team of developers custom-built Reliant Home Funding’s website using WordPress. One of the top features our developers incorporated into the client’s new website is a real-time mortgage rate table and calculator that utilizes RESTful API data from Optimal Blue. Reliant Home Funding’s website is also fully optimized for search engines without compromising user experience or design intent.


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