BIOVECTRA Website Redesign by seoplus+

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BIOVECTRA is a leading Canadian contract drug manufacturer specializing in API drug development and biologics. In 2020, they initiated a rebrand to better highlight their identity, reflected in the tagline “we care.”

The new website was designed to be bright and welcoming. The website needed to highlight both expertise, but also the attentive and caring nature of the BIOVECTRA team. With vivid new iconography and meticulously selected imagery, every element on the website was thoughtfully designed.

BIOVECTRA is a familiar face at industry-leading tradeshows, conferences, and scientific meetings. For this reason, we created a clear and attractive events page highlighting upcoming events.

BIOVECTRA‘s state-of-the-art facilities are located in Prince Edward Island (PEI) and Nova Scotia. This presents a recruitment challenge, not being dense population centers. Our mandate was to create a captivating recruitment page that sells the value of working for BIOVECTRA, from living in “Canada’s coastal paradise” to the close-knit, collaborative culture.

From a functionality standpoint, one of our mandates was to drive more leads and elevate the client’s marketing strategy. We synced all lead forms with Pardot/Salesforce.

We are very proud of this beautiful new website as it sets BIOVECTRA apart in a very competitive industry.


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