International Day of the Girl

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Over the past 25 years, UNICEF and the Beijing Declaration have made strong progress in encouraging countries to advance gender equality, end discrimination against girls and women, and eliminate barriers to education, health and nutrition that prevent them from achieving their full potential.


October 11, 2020 marked 25 years of the International Day of the Girl (recognised during the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action). While 2020 had been a year full of change and disruption, UNICEF aimed to further enforce disruption and show the world that girls and women globally still needed change. A change in their rights, their representation and their opportunities. To do this, they assigned us with the task of creating a thought-provoking communication (featured as a magazine print-ad) that will encourage people to support and understand that girls and women, no matter where they are, have a voice and are changemakers of the world!

The ad was featured in Vogue magazine editions around November 2020 in India, France, Italy, Japan, Germany, Australia and Greece.


To show how girls worldwide are empowering themselves as changemakers, we chose universal inclusion as our communication platform. In simpler words, we wanted our ad to represent all girls and all issues they face in one canvas. To bring this ambitious concept to life, we used the power of art to stop our audience in their tracks. And stimulate the aesthetic senses as well as the conscience of magazine readers (Vogue).

Our communication was designed to show how girls are changing, shaking and shaping the world. Thus encapsulating the concept: “My Voice. Our Equal Future.”


As a renowned fashion and style trendsetter, Vogue caters to a culturally and aesthetically mature audience. That’s why, we wished to develop an ad that resonated with their evolved sensibility and felt visually at home in such an editorial space.

Instead of the conventional ‘shock factor’, we chose to create a positive, empowering visual that showcased girls as changemakers. Under the communication, “My Voice. Our Equal Future.” we developed a powerful, artistic illustration to make the audience sit up and take notice. We embedded smaller, hidden illustrations in the visual to further bring out the issues each girl would face. Thus, creating multiple inclusive, unifying and empowering narratives in one.

The resultant mosaic created a jigsaw effect where each girl’s story complemented the stories of girls around her. Because empowering even one girl can be positively contagious to girls worldwide!


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