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TapLabs is the first-ever on-demand medical platform for lab tests (including Covid-19 Tests) that was launched in Canada.

247 Labs designed, architectured, developed, tested and launched the full Medical Platform that includes a mobile application, a website and a web application, and creating a full brand.

TapLabs offers a range of rapid and convenient mobile diagnostic laboratory services at your home, workplace, or other preferred location. Services include routine and rush blood and urine tests specified in a physician-ordered APL General Requisition, Covid-19Test, Electrocardiogram, flu vaccinations, Prenatal Screening and Life Insurance Screening.

The TapLabs Platform includes:

Created a secure and easy to use medical platform that is compliant with all regulations

Created medical Hybrid Mobile app (Android & IOS)

Created a custom Web solution for Admin users

Created a custom medical web application for customers

Created it with advanced algorithms to get real-time appointment tracking and manage sample expiry timings

A website with a multi-database multi-server architecture model. High use and business-critical portions of the site used extremely high-performance servers, while less frequently trafficked portions of the site and files would be served effectively from lower-priced servers;

A front-end user experience that is user-friendly and optimized to convert visitors into customers

Created with security best practices protection against vulnerabilities

Built the platform with future business goals in mind and capacity to scale as needed;

Created an e-commerce mobile payment processing facilitate customer payments through the platform;

Created a customer’s account view to make their invoices and orders clear and easy to understand;

Created admin backend to allow employees to manage all aspects of the platform (users, products, orders, invoicing, mimic-logins, user metrics and signups);

Created with a custom Google Maps API Integration


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