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Challenger ethical eCommerce marketplace, The Chuffed Store, enlisted the help of Kitty to help them launch in the market with a splash.

As a platform that hosts talented creatives and small businesses, the challenge was two-fold: deliver a creative eCommerce solution to ensure every item and maker in the store was brought to life and complement this through an effective technical solution to give both vendors and The Chuffed Store the functionality and control associated with an eCommerce store.

We created a unique CMS solution for the client; WordPress twinned with WooCommerce, enabling the functionalities for makers to take payment and ship new products, as well as providing The Chuffed Store with the ability to effectively manage the site, it’s editorial content and subscription payments from vendors.
Alongside this, we delivered a design-first strategy to provide an immersive and inspirational experience for the user. Avoiding a templated design, we created a bespoke “Pinterest board” style, to give the eCommerce site more of a market feel and to prioritise an enjoyable user experience through to conversion.

On a small budget, the successful efforts of Kitty’s design and development teams, who worked closely with the client to ensure their aspirations were realised, provided the client with an eCommerce site that they were truly “chuffed” with, that has attracted over 36 vendors, and over 19,000 visitors in their first four months of trading.

Millie Cowie, Founder at The Chuffed Store, explains “We are a unique curated portal where you can find beautifully made products from artists makers and creative entrepreneurs all across the British Isles. Our website had to reflect this. What Kitty has created for us will aid our makers to drive their sales through a unique eCommerce platform that gives them a truly human presence online – with everyone along the process feeling well chuffed.”



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