IMVU Fashion TikTok Campaign

Social Media | Influencer Marketing

IMVU, a metaverse that has existed since the early 2000s, has lost relevancy among youth. In the current saturated digital space, IMVU was fighting for the attention of Gen-Zs – most of whom have forgotten or are largely unaware of IMVU.

We had 2 goals with the IMVU Fashion TikTok Campaigns: One was to generate brand awareness among Gen-Zs and the other was to increase brand affinity. Most of IMVU’s current user base was limited to one niche: gamers. Our goal was to diversify their audience and garner interest from a broader range of Gen-Zs with interests other than gaming, like fashion.

Over a span of 8 months, we launched 4 IMVU Fashion TikTok campaigns with a diverse range of Gen-Z micro to macro-influencers in the fashion & lifestyle niche. Each influencer would create an IMVU account and avatar, come up with their favorite outfits, and match with their avatar in their TikTok video. Each fashion campaign had its own theme to show the breadth of IMVU’s fashion catalog and the diverse creative avenues you could take on IMVU.


> #wearyourimvu Tiktok
> NinetyEight