Admitted Student Website for USC Dornsife

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We recently launched the admitted student website for Dornsife College to provide a guided, intuitive, and fully-accessible experience to incoming students. As part of the project, we delivered the content strategy, refreshed website architecture, user testing results, strategic consultation, and full website design and development. First, we created a concept around the sky and stars. We needed shapes and concepts that were aspirational and forward-looking, evoking thoughts of hope and the future.

The use of constellations gave us a system that was not only interesting but also modular and could be used across several pieces, tying everything together. Then, we went to USC’s campus and photographed current students of Dornsife College in order to create our key art, which was used on the most prominent marketing assets. Dornsife College provides students with incredible opportunities both in Los Angeles and around the world, so we wanted to use images that tell the story without using words.


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