Igniting Change

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For Season 1 of our podcast, Igniting change, we looked at: Why consumers don’t make more sustainable decisions, which looks at the sustainability intention action gap and how we can change behaviours to combat it. For this series, we sought discover how we, as humans, can reduce our impact on the planet with insights from psychologists, brands, sustainability experts, climate scientists, government and charitable organisations.

The hosts of our podcast are Richard Strachan, Managing Director at 3 Sided Cube along with co-host Charlotte Mill, Head of Marketing at 3 Sided Cube and Igniting Change champion.

Season 2 is in the works and will take a look at how technology can support the environmental and humanitarian crisis facing our planet today. 3 Sided Cube is a digital product agency in Bournemouth, England and champion our mission of changing millions of lives for better by only taking on ‘tech for good’ projects. Our clients include The American Red Cross, Lush, The United Nations, World Resources Institute and Global Commons Alliance. We are passionate about changing the world with technology and offering a platform for collaboration and real change to happen.


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