App Store Optimization (ASO) eBook

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The ASO eBook is a complete how-to of App Store Optimization, a specialized field of app marketing. Its goal is to serve as a comprehensive bible for both experienced and novice ASO marketers.

We wanted an approachable, fun treatment for large amounts of serious, technical content. On the one hand, the book needed to feature the expert-level knowledge and detail required to appeal to experienced ASO practitioners, but on the other, it needed to be accessible and engaging to avoid discouraging novices in the field.

In keeping with the book’s spirit of spreading knowledge, we playfully referenced ornate design styles from the Renaissance period, a time in which technology like the printing press made possible the rapid spread of information, on an unprecedented scale. Various well-known paintings from that time make an appearance too, with a few modern, lighthearted twists.

The result was a lovingly crafted, illustrative graphic cover and modern twists on classic paintings, to turn dense specialist subject matter into something delightful and accessible, even for those new to the field of ASO. The artwork inside the book is full of nods to modern smartphone technology – from ‘The Girl with the Pearl Airpods’, to the ‘Mona Lisa With a Lightning Cable.’


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