SEO: Lebara

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Lebara has been a Vine Digital client for many years. In this time, we’ve assisted the telecommunications company in various SEO, PPC and programmatic advertising campaigns. The aim was to expose new customers to Lebara’s unique selling point: its low call rates to a large variety of international countries.

Following extensive research and audience analysis, we decided to build an entirely new section of the website, purely dedicated to informational content. This content gathered all the essential information together, providing a guide for anyone needing to call any overseas location from Australia.

Over the course of 10 months we wrote and implemented 130 new pages.
Within a span of six months, the organic results generated by the ‘Calls to international countries” section exploded from 3,100 clicks to a peak of 23,700 clicks per month. That is traffic growth of 790%, and this figure is still growing.


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