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HomeViews is the UK’s first independent property review site and fastest-growing property tech startup.

As you would visit Trustpilot for restaurants before booking a table or Tripadvisor for hotels before booking a flight, HomeViews provides a platform for prospective homeowners to read honest reviews on their future homes; one of the most important purchases they’ll ever make.

When HomeViews approached Lightflows with this exciting and innovative idea, we conducted several workshops and collaborative sessions with the founding members to decide on the specifications and features required to launch their product.

To help homebuyers in their decision making, HomeViews collects honest, verified reviews from the people who know what it’s really like to live in specific properties: the people who live there.

For the reviews, residents of the listed properties rate them on various criteria, including facilities, design and location. Each of these attributes greatly assist prospective homebuyers in understanding what it’s like to live in their ideal properties.

Not only does the platform benefit people buying properties, but HomeViews has also become a powerful marketing tool for developers as they feature the companies that build and manage the listed developments.

Featured in the likes of Property Week, The Times and London Evening Standard, HomeViews’ success has now allowed them to expand abroad, meaning they’re on track for continued fast growth.


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