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Church of Champions is located in Houston, TX, and has been operating for the past 32 years. The church has grown in many aspects but lately they have had many challenges due to Covid-19 and the post-pandemic era in efforts to bring new people and many of their previous members back to church.

When I moved to Houston from New York I discovered this church and during the service for the first time in my life I felt like home and a strong presence of a Living God. One day looking at the church website I said to myself “God, I want to give you something special and I want to give you my talent”. Since that day I spoke to Pastor Wendell Hutchins about this new vision for the website and he gave me the green light to take over and build from scratch everything.

After several brainstorming meetings both with the Pastor and the leading members of the church and our creative thinkers at Dreams Animation we had shaped and sharpened the vision of how the site will look like.

My team and I designed and coded this website understanding that churches in America lack creativity, they don’t use their sites for a profound engagement, and most of the churches (90%) have exactly the same or similar URL structure (home, service hours, donate, about, pastors and contact).

Our vision was to build a new website that will bring people together so they can continue growing in Christ together, build up and support each other, pray for one another and become a mighty community for God. The first thing we did, was to create a site page by page with unique graphics giving a more contemporary approach. Besides the extraordinary design, these are areas we’ve included to make an efficient God’s Purpose Driven Site:

The website has an area called GROUPS where people are connected under different needs and find support from their peers.

The EVENTS area informs about all upcoming events controlled in a dynamic platform to load quickly and be mobile friendly.

SUPPORT is a new approach where the church opens its doors 24/7 to anyone who needs prayers, is suffering or is emotionally attacked to receive help.

WATCH is an area super cool, is divided into 2 segments, the first is SERMONS where church members will be encouraged to visit every day the site and watch their favorite messages to stay protected and on course with the Word of God.

LISTEN is a modern playlist with amazing Christian songs where anyone can listen to music while they commute using the train or driving. More music will be available and always FREE access.
The second segment in Watch is MOVIES. This itself is divided into movies for children and movies for all the family. The idea is to invite the congregation to keep visiting the website every day, anytime, and watch great movies, movies with Christian values that will be like fresh fruits for the soul. This section was brought with the main idea that church or having a life in Jesus is not just on Sundays, it is every day, everywhere and all the time.

We spoke with SUPERBOOK to have their movies on our site for children and we are presenting 8 episodes so far. And for the entire family, we spoke with the director and producer of the acclaimed series THE CHOSEN to have season 1 on the site and we got it. FULLY RECOMMENDED!

This is a website made for God to bring families together, to repair broken souls, to bring the good news of salvation and to tell the world that hope is on the horizon because our King Jesus is coming back soon.

The site will keep evolving with more resources, movies, worship music is coming in the next few days, merch, and many other things.


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