The Mobile Growth Nightmares Podcast

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Started in 2018, The Mobile Growth Nightmares Podcast sees industry veterans Andy Carvell (from Phiture) and Gessica Bicego (from Blinkist) discuss the scariest mistakes and panic-inducing occurrences ever seen in the world of mobile marketing.

The spirit of the podcast has always been to take a tongue-in-cheek approach to learning about the horror hiding around the corner of mobile marketing decisions. We decided to lean into this idea, and created a microsite for the podcast that played up those themes to the maximum. And so, against a full moon, undead hands clutching mobile phones break up from the misty ground in a homage to old-school zombie films, while, inside a dark house, an occupant taps away on a screen, unaware of the terror lurking outside. Phiture‘s brand colors were used to create eerie lighting and typeface treatments, and subtle nods to the company logo were placed on the building. In this way, we twisted what could have been a dry, technical subject into something delightfully spooky and offbeat.

For marketers, the world of mobile can be filled with horrors; ultimately this podcast exists to help face those fears in a lighthearted way.


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